Acupuncture  Old Trafford Castlefield
Initial Consultation and Treatment (up to 90 min) – During this session I will ask about your current symptoms and complaints, your medical history, lifestyle, diet, stress levels. I will explain the Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and if relevant suggest lifestyle and dietary changes. We will discuss a treatment plan including a timescale. You will receive a 30 min acupuncture treatment. £40 £40
Follow up Treatment (60 min) – At your follow up session I will ask about any changes, we will discuss your observation since the previous session, . You will receive a 45 min acupuncture treatment. £35 £40
Massage (60 min) – I offer a tailored General and Relaxation Massage. I use deep tissue massage techniques to release tension from deepest layers of muscle tissue. We will have a brief chat to discuss your symptoms, any injuries or conditions. You will receive a 50 min massage treatment. I will provide an aftercare advice. £48 £48
Zen-Touch Shiatsu (60 min) – Similar to a General massage we will discuss your symptoms, injuries and conditions. You will receive a 50 min massage treatment. I use a specific assessment tool during the Zen Touch Shiatsu massage called Hara Diagnosis. £48 £48
Massage & Cupping (60 min) £40 £40