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According to Chinese medicine we are alive and healthy when our body is in a state of harmony. This harmony is maintained by a dynamic balance of opposing forces: Yin and Yang. Yang representing the functional energetic qualities while Yin the structural and substantive qualities.

The harmony between the two is continuously broken by different factors. These include influences from the outside environment (e.g. climate, weather changes and pollution) and internal influences such as emotions and stress. Our diet and our own physical constitutions influence this balance too. When we are well and healthy, living a balanced life, any disharmony is quickly addressed and the harmony is restored. Illness develops when the dynamic equilibrium is broken and not restored. 

Oriental medicine seeks to harmonise opposing forces to bring the body back to optimum health. If we achieve this, the body is in a healthy state with strong vitality and ability to resist disease. In this state, we feel energised during the day to do our work and sleep deeply and peacefully at night.

What to expect from your first session?

In Oriental medicine the causes of disease are mainly determine by a thorough analysing of presenting symptoms to identify patterns of disharmony. In your session you can expect to be asked about your lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress levels and your emotional state. The symptoms you are experiencing will be discussed in detail and your tongue and pulse will be assessed to confirm diagnosis.

Everyone is different and responds to their treatment differently. A sense of relief and relaxation are mostly common, the positive effects can be felt immediately or after few sessions. On some occasions symptoms can get little bit worse before getting better, this is often referred to as a healing crisis or a detox reaction. I would recommend more treatments or multiple methods of treatment for lasting results.