ASG, March 2017

When I met Renata, I was experiencing a variety of ailments including a very bad Post operative abdominal wound, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, chronic pain, insomnia, joint pain, appetite issues, malnutrition and painful kidney stones. I was on lots of high dosage pain killers including morphine patches and oxycodone – none of which helped much with my pain because my body had built up a resistance to this pain relief.

I had reached a point where my quality of life had deteriorated so much, I had trouble sleeping, eating, being mobile and generally functioning. I was off sick from work and had been for a year and as such I felt I’d reached the end of my patience with being chronically ill, and I just couldn’t see me ever being able to get better again. Not only did my body feel destroyed but also my mind, motivation, self esteem and depression had taken a severe pounding.

While I was under Renata’s care I underwent several different therapies at different times – depending upon my progress, the most pressing issues for me at the time and what both Renata and I thought I would benefit from in the coming week. It was great to feel like my ever changing symptoms were being addressed and dealt with. This kind of flexibility and bespoke management of my medical condition(s) allowed for treatments to be more effective then the traditional ‘Western’ way of being treated by e.g. your GP or Consultant.

Throughout the sessions with Renata, she always quickly identified the heart of the issue I was experiencing and offered a bespoke plan of treatment which was agreed with me. With the sheer range of specialities Renata can utilise; treatments are always as bespoke, effective and beneficial as they could possibly be whether it was by acupuncture, acupressure, massage, heat therapy or training me in meditation  – the wide spectrum of therapeutic approaches complimented each other very well.

I have been absolutely astonished at how quickly I have improved from so many ailments whilst I have been under Renata’s and have found her to be very knowledgeable, effective, sympathetic, understanding and sensitive. Her approach is very caring and professional in all the therapies she has adopted to make me feel better and I would highly recommend Renata as a holistic therapist without hesitation – especially to those who are sceptical that she can make a difference. I promise you will be astonished and feel the improvements.


C Turner – London – Excellent Acupuncture Therapist – Renata Vitovjakova

I can honestly say that I know the difference between good acupuncture treatment, and FANTASTIC acupuncture treatment, (having had treatment many years ago). This was my experience recently when I visited Renata Vitovjakova at The Manchester Acupuncture Clinic.  For some people the thought of acupuncture fills them with dread, you mention needles and they say ‘oh no’, well I know that feeling!

Renata’s consultation was thorough and in-depth, I was extremely impressed as she asked questions and provided answers that put me at ease.  Moving onto the acupuncture treatment Renata’s methodology is very gentle, and I found her to be extremely intuitive, finding tender points on my body that I wasn’t even aware of. There were moments when I didn’t realise that some of these fine pins had been placed into certain areas my body. The relaxing background music had me drift away into my own meditation and I could feel gentle waves course through my body.

After my treatment I did feel a noticeable shift, I jokingly said that one side of my body felt as though I had been eating several Polo mints, a cool breeze ensued. The following day, my area of concern was alleviated immensely, and I am aware that more follow up treatment is due for my body to get back to its own equilibrium, which I am looking forward to.

I asked Renata if she would mind my writing a testimonial to express my thanks for such wonderful treatment as she is an Excellent Acupuncture Therapist.