Excellent Acupuncture Therapist – Renata Vitovjakova


I can honestly say that I know the difference between good acupuncture treatment, and FANTASTIC acupuncture treatment, (having had treatment many years ago). This was my experience recently when I visited Renata Vitovjakova at The Manchester Acupuncture Clinic.  For some people the thought of acupuncture fills them with dread, you mention needles and they say ‘oh no’, well I know that feeling!


Renata’s consultation was thorough and in-depth, I was extremely impressed as she asked questions and provided answers that put me at ease.  Moving onto the acupuncture treatment Renata’s methodology is very gentle, and I found her to be extremely intuitive, finding tender points on my body that I wasn’t even aware of. There were moments when I didn’t realise that some of these fine pins had been placed into certain areas my body. The relaxing background music had me drift away into my own meditation and I could feel gentle waves course through my body.


After my treatment I did feel a noticeable shift, I jokingly said that one side of my body felt as though I had been eating several Polo mints, a cool breeze ensued. The following day, my area of concern was alleviated immensely, and I am aware that more follow up treatment is due for my body to get back to its own equilibrium, which I am looking forward to.


I asked Renata if she would mind my writing a testimonial to express my thanks for such wonderful treatment as she is an Excellent Acupuncture Therapist.


C Turner – London